About DPTI

The TU Delft Process Technology Institute (DPTI) focuses its educational and research efforts on realizing significant scientific impact that enables (bio)chemical, energy and materials industries to meet sustainability challenges of the future.

DPTI is a partnership among nineteen process technology related chairs in three TU Delft departments (Chemical Engineering, Process&Energy, Biotechnology). Research at DPTI is centered around three major scientific areas:

DPTI strives towards coherence and collaboration within the Delft process technology community. We also aim at intensifying collaborations with other universities and industry, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

DPTI wants to drive the education of excellent, competitive engineers and scientists in the area of process technology, from BSc through MSc to PDEng and PhD. Since process technology graduates enter new sectors of industry, new topics and skills need to be taught.

We want to create optimal conditions for scientists working in the field of process technology to develop their scientific talent and to realise their personal scientific ambitions.

DPTI has a clear ambition to improve the international visibility and impact of TU Delft in the field of process technology.